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Affiliate Guidelines

Affiliate Dos and Don’ts

Welcome to the ATFX Partners affiliate programme, it’s great to have you onboard! We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with you.

ATFX has worked tirelessly to forge its reputation as a market leader in the CFD industry, and we take our obligations to our clients seriously which is why we have provided the following guidelines to ensure you are aware of our expectations.

This document is intended to supplement the terms and conditions laid out in the Affiliate Agreement https://www.atfxpartners.com/terms-and-conditions between you and ATFX Partners (ATFX), any examples provided are for illustration purposes only, and are not exhaustive. Any breach of these guidelines, or of the Affiliate Agreement, may result in immediate termination of the Affiliate Agreement and may lead to ATFX exercising its right to withhold affiliate payments.


  1. Affiliates must only include ATFX’s marketing materials on websites or social media pages that have been reviewed and approved by ATFX.

  2. Affiliates must ensure materials and content on their websites or social media pages are fair, clear and not misleading, i.e.:
  • Written in a language and style that can be easily understood by the target audience, with clear explanations given where technical terms are used.
  • Balanced, always highlighting potential risks when referring to potential benefits.
  • Ensuring information provided about ATFX, CFDs, or trading in general, is accurate and up to date.
  • Sufficient prominence of important information including risk warnings, and costs or charges relating to services provided by ATFX, and by the affiliate.
  1. Affiliates must utilise the wide range of pre-approved marketing materials that can be found in ATFX’s marketing material.

  2. Affiliates must ensure they hold the relevant licenses and permits to carry out their business in the jurisdictions in which they operate.

  3. Affiliates reviewing ATFX’s products or services, or attributing any ranking or score to ATFX, must disclose that they are an affiliate of ATFX and may be remunerated if the viewer chooses to open an ATFX trading account. 


  1. Affiliates must not hold themselves out to be employed by, or working on behalf of, ATFX.

  2. Affiliates must not attempt to mislead viewers of their content regarding their regulatory status, the levels or protection clients will receive, or success or profitability of ATFX’s, or the affiliates, products and services.

  3. Affiliates must not display images that create an impression that wealth, happiness, financial freedom, or success, can be achieved by trading. Such images include, but are not limited to, luxury cars, bundles of bank notes, expensive watches, and exotic locations.

  4. Affiliates must not offer bonuses, cash back, or other incentives to encourage clients to open an account with ATFX.

  5. Affiliates must not produce any marketing material using ATFX’s name, logo, or trademarks without prior written consent of ATFX.

  6. Affiliates must not offer MAM (Money Account Management) or PAMM (Percentage Allocation Money Management) to ATFX clients, or offer to trade on client accounts in any capacity without the relevant regulatory permissions and prior written approval from ATFX.

  7. Affiliates must not target their content at individuals for whom CFDs are unlikely to be appropriate. This includes, but is not limited to, individuals under 18 years old, individuals with low income or who are in debt, and individuals who are unlikely to understand the complexities and risks of trading CFDs.

  8. Affiliates must not promote ATFX via any encrypted messaging software (including, but not limited to, Telegram and WhatsApp).

  9. Affiliates must not assist clients with ATFX’s account application process.